Create Space to... 

Create Space For What Matters In Life

LifeSpace is a Personal Productivity and Collaboration Platform that Integrates With Everything -- Helping You Stay Focused and Productive in Your Personal Spaces, Work Spaces and Public Spaces

Personal Spaces

Focus on what matters to you personally:  Fitness, Finance, Family, Relationships, Fun, Personal Growth, Spirituality, Contribution 

Work Spaces

Organize all the tools and resources needed to succeed at work: Integrate all platforms, build a dashboard and collaborate with teams

Public Spaces

Engage with communities you care about: Hobbies, Interests, Sports, Travel, Charities, Communities, Neighborhoods, Social Impact

Organize Your Spaces -- Prioritize Success

Spaces act like smart folders. Integrate and organize your cloud apps, websites, resources, files, notes and tasks in one place. Add private spaces for your own personal goals. Create work spaces for your teams and departments. Join public spaces to engage with the world.

Integrate Cloud Platforms

Share Resources

Manage Projects

Invite Collaborators

Download LifeSpace to Get Started

LifeSpace runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android and will seamlessly sync your spaces across all of your devices for productivity at home, the office and on the run.

LifeSpace Officially Launches in January 2019

Early Beta Testers Needed

LifeSpace: Create Space For What Matters In Your Life


600 B Street
San Diego, CA 92101

+1 (858) 381-2091

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