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Tracy Paye

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About Tracy Paye
Miss Organized is a professional organizing and productivity service that specializes in helping you experience freedom from your inner and outer stuff.
Coaching Style:
My coaching style is fun, empowering, motivational, inspiring and intuitive. I believe in educating my clients on not only how to get organized but what to do if they get disorganized again. I also place a heavy emphasis on the accountability factor. I use to be a cheerleader so I do a lot of rah rah's too and encourage my clients to develop their own inner cheerleader.
My speciality is helping people to get clear on what their specific goals are, uncovering potential obstacles and mindset that can get in the way of reaching those goals and creating an easy to follow step by step by plan that inspires action and gets results. I also work with individuals and families who are struggling with AD/HD and teaching life management strategies to work with the condition rather than against it.
I have been organizing people for the passion of it since I was 12 and professionally since 2003. I have worked with hundreds of clients over the years and have gained a great deal of hands on knowledge in the psychology of clutter. Additionally, because of my own personal challenges with ADHD I am continuously working on developing strategies to make the task of daily life management easier and therefore I teach what I learn and develop to my clients.
Ideal Client:
My ideal client is someone who has accepted that they will be far more effective in reaching their goals with professional assistance. They are ready to take action and are willing to commit to the process.
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